Dungeness Courte - Activities, News & Events

Activities, News & Events

Meaningful and purposeful events are very important to us here at Dungeness Courte. Our activities are ever changing along with the wants and needs of our residents. Almost every morning our active residents participate in group exercise to awaken the body. During the warm weather, our residents like to spend time in the yard gardening or going out on a bus ride. Talented musical entertainers join us during the month offering a variety of music including classical piano, sing-a-long, Hawaiian, fiddle and country music. Many of our residents enjoy weekly spiritual activities including bible stories, hymns, bible read-a-long and visits from local churches. Social groups throughout the month provide topics of discussion that relate directly to each residents area of interest; gardening, cars, hunting and fishing are among many. Structured activities are held seven days a week starting at 10:30 in the morning. We offer evening structured activities three days a week starting at 6:30. In addition to our structured activities there are many spontaneous activities throughout the day and evening.

We are confident that the daily activities at Dungeness Courte will improve the quality of life for people with dementia. Our residents benefit from our adherence to the Gentle Care and Best Friends Approach. Activities are always optional, but are highly encouraged and participation is praised. We provide individual attention to our residents’ past and present interests and abilities to ensure that our daily activities are tailored appropriately. 

Visit our Event Page for a downloadable monthly activities calendar and to view future activities.